T'ai Chi is for Life

T'ai Chi is for Everyone

Young or Old, Athletic or Injured, Stressed Out or Stress Free

"learning T'ai Chi helped me change my life"

We understand if you are nervous to try T'ai Chi.  We've been told it seems intimidating because it so graceful and beautiful.  We've also been told it seems intimidating because it looks hard to learn.  We've even been told it looks boring and slow. 

Most importantly, we've been told "learning T'ai Chi helped me change my life."  We invite you to find out for yourself how T'ai Chi will change yours.


The teenage years are a time or rapid growth in every way.  T'ai Chi helps teens find balance between mind and body and can make a dramatic difference in mental focus and physical coordination.

College Students & Young Adults

In this information age, this age group is perhaps more inundated with information than anyone else.  T'ai Chi is proven to help people find their own way of focusing on the moment and filtering information in all the "right" ways, resulting in an increased sense of competency and productivity.

Working Adults

Every day is a full of things that keep us busy.  Yes, we usually choose these things, but we all know that being so busy creates stress.  T'ai Chi gives busy adults a tool that is always available, a tool we can use in any setting to relax our minds and bodies, to find increased concentration, and to increase our enjoyment of life all day long as we move through our day with the gracefulness of T'ai Chi.


Life is good and getting better, and T'ai Chi is one of the most effective ways to keep the body working well so you don't miss out!

Medically Advised

When doctors advise introducing exercise into a healthy routine, T'ai Chi is one of the first programs on the list.  The gentle nature of T'ai Chi lends itself to increased range of motion and flexibility while strengthening the core muscles.